What To Do This Week – How Skills

Here’s what to do this week til we meet again…

Read pages 199-213 in the DBT Skills Training Manual.

Practice some of these new ideas and strategies with your clients and let us know how it goes.

Practice being mindful and notice what state of mind you are in.  Notice times that you can use the “what skills” to get to wise mind ( observe, describe, and participate.)

Notice if you are being judgmental. When you are, don’t judge yourself for it, just turn the judgment into facts.  Instead of “I’m stupid” which is a judgment, perhaps the facts are “I didn’t study for the test and got a D.  I feel stupid for doing that.”

Practice the how skills of non-judgmentally, one-mindfully, and effectively.

Post in the group forum  this week and let us know how you practiced this.

Read page 99-100 in the book Creative DBT Activities Using Music by Deborah Spiegel  (Jessica Kingsley 2020)

Share YOUR interventions for this skill.

Congratulations! You have completed this unit!