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Submit all of the assignments you have done so far with this next one.  This is where we tie it all together.

  • Tell me about the interview you did.
  • Which 3 strategies did you implement in your induction (going within portion).
  • What metaphor did you use in the suggestion script? (The part where you paint the picture with all the senses after the induction)
  • Key word/phrase
  • 3 Rs (coming back)

Make a recording of the induction, suggestion script, etc. and email it to  Note: Remember the tips for returning from the journey.  When you return use an animated voice, raise the volume of your voice, and orient to the here and now.  Remember the 3 Rs and make a suggestion that ties the wonderful experience to their intended goal.  “You can find it easy now to find time to exercise after work, and you may notice that every day you have more energy.”

Another thing that is helpful that I can’t remember if I talked about in the recordings, is an anchor.  An anchor is-

“Anytime you find yourself (doing the unwanted behavior, or feeling the unwanted feeling) you can remember this new feeling you are experiencing right now, and find it easy to (accomplish the goal they said they want to reach)”

For example –

 “Anytime you feel guilty about not having time to exercise, you can remember this feeling – courageous and strong, proud  self-respect and you can find it easy to continue on, step by step towards being in healthy physical shape.”


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