DEAR MAN Action Steps

Lesson Completed

Here’s what to do this week til we meet again…

Practice using  DEAR MAN yourself.

Think about song lyrics where the singer is either using DEAR MAN or is definitely NOT using good communication skills, and have discussion with your participants about how they think the singer could change the way they asked or said no to be more effective.  What songs are you using?

Try these new ideas and strategies with your clients and let us know how it goes.

Post in the forum for this group this week and let us know how you used them, how it went, and how you yourself practiced DEAR MAN.

Read page 137-139 of the book Creative DBT Activities Using Music, listen to Deborah’s DEAR MAN song, and try it out with your clients.

Read pages 248-255 in the DBT Skills Training Manual 2nd edition

Congratulations! You have completed this unit!