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Assignment- Answer the following:

  • Why do we need to know how to write goals and objectives in music therapy? (3 reasons)
  • For who’s benefit are goals and objectives written? (at least 3 different people)
  • What are 3 differences between a goal and an objective?
  • In what part of the therapy process do we gather information in order to conceive of goals and objectives?
  • In what part of the therapy process do we write goals and objectives?
  • Name 3 different people who should be a part of the goal writing process.
  • Is is better to have many goals or to limit them? Explain.
  • What do the letters in SMART of SMART goals stand for?
  • What is the difference between “measurable” and “non-measurable” action words?
  • Should music therapy goals include only musical goals, only non-musical goals or both? Explain.
  • Should goals and objectives include only what the client will do, only what the therapist will do or both? Explain.

  Write a SMART goal for the following narrative:

Sally is a 10 year old girl with autism. In music therapy group, she does not verbalize unless when asked a question directly and given several prompts. Most of the time she sits quietly and looks at the ground. During music making she plays and sings very softly. When she does verbalize, she speaks with a very soft volume and does not make eye contact.

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