American Sign Language (ASL) Essentials: Signs and Songs for Communication

Welcome !  In this class you will learn over 150 American Sign Language Signs and corresponding songs to help promote communication in children ages 0-8.  You will earn 8 CMTE credits.

Presented by Heather Palmer MT-BC, MSEd.

This self-study course has been broken down into categories that will teach you basic American Sign Language and give you the confidence you need to incorporate these signs into your sessions with a variety of music therapy interventions. You will learn how to use these signs to help promote communication skills with children with disabilities.

This course is made up of short video segments that will cover the various signing categories. Each video contains a category of ASL which demonstrates how to sign the various ASL, a practice segment for you to practice each of the signs on your own, followed by the songs section that uses the ASL from that category and integrates them into songs.

You will pause the video at the designated spots to practice the signs or songs you have just covered. There are four exams spread out throughout the course to check your ability to recognize the different American Sign Language signs and songs. You will be able to complete the course in your own time.