3. Mindfulness

Examples of some mindfulness activities that I do in the live workshop so you can get the idea, includes egg (or ball) toss, egg pass, & a dance. These are demonstrated in the following video. In addition, the pass the clap exercise includes standing in a circle, first person makes eye contact with the next person and they clap together. That person turns to next person and makes eye contact and clap together. Pass around the circle. Once that is easy, pass randomly.


There are other videos with the cup song in English, but I really like this video:

Pictures illustrating mindfulness:

Mindfulness Video 2:

Roller Coaster Song, a song I wrote and use for teaching observe, describe, and participate to get to wise mind:

This video illustrates non-judgmental:

Guided Imagery Example– The first one of these recordings is an introduction which sets it up,  and the second one is the journey to meet a wise one that I use.  Trust your knowledge of your patients  if imagery would be appropriate to use with them.

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