1.4 How Skills

Welcome to the “How Skills”.

The mindfulness exercise for today is to turn on the radio or your device and listen to whatever the first song you turn on is, even if it’s not something you would normally listen to.

  1. Notice the tempo of the music, is it fast or slow?  Or does it vary?
  2.  Notice how or if it changes in volume, maybe from loud to soft (forte to piano)
  3. Do you notice any patterns in the music?  Maybe there is a repetitive chorus or part that shows up more than once.
  4. Notice how you feel as you listen to the music.
  5. Notice your thoughts about it.  If you find yourself judging it (I hate this kind of music…) just notice that judgment and allow it to be there.  Keep focusing on the facts, as listed above.

After doing this exercise, share in the forum.